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I believe in-
What do I know

I'm just a kid you know?
I believe in things that don't exist,
Santa isn't real-
Neither is the tooth fairy-


Weren't you the one that pointed out the secret presents?

Weren't you the person that congratulated my prize from her?

Weren't you trying to make me believe?


I'm too old now,

But I'm not old enough to choose what I believe in.

But I'm too old to believe in silly things-

I'm too old to believe.

But you-


you you you

you told me,

To believe in him

To believe in that person

That God,

With minimal evidence...

He exists.

Oh so Now I'm old enough to believe in something

Now I'm old enough to believe

In something with no solid substance

Except faith.

"Why do bad things happen to good people?"

Please, think about this question.

Well it's obvious right?

Because that person that exists...


Only gives us what we can handle.

So now I'm old enough

To believe that unproven truth.

To believe that there's someone who just dishes out bad things for all people...

Just to see if they'll survive at the end.

It won't make you stronger,

It just makes me suffer.

Pretty messed up right

Then tell me,

What about the people who didn't survive what he gave them?

What about the people who survived but wished they were gone.

Are they going to the bad place?

Where bad people go?

Where you burn eternally for doing things people made the rules of?

Give me reason

Give me facts

Because I'm tired of believing.

Not only in him

But you

I don't need this faith

If your hypocritical thoughts control me.


That day I cried?

The day you told me to act like an adult?

But we're all to old to believe in fairy tales...


Oh please-

Spare me your talk

Better yet save your breath.

If you decided to be a killer-

And do bad things to people.


You'd go to that place

Of coarse

Of coarse...

Then again-

They'd all still be dead right? Regardless of how good they were they were still dead before they're time.

Because you killed them.

A fact is a fact.

Remember to act like an adult now,

A person that does such a terrible thing's life is worth less now that you've got blood on your hands.

But does that make up for all those poor souls you vanquished.

And punishment is suffering.



Let's teach my peers

That when one does something wrong

We forever torture them.

Bad- BAD person.

But don't people who do good things suffer it too?

And aren't there people in this world who are horrible that live the best?

I don't know

I don't know anymore!

So don't ask me-

This- this

Child or Adult

Or whatever you call me,

Because I know less

I'm sure I'm not right

I'm sure I need more time

To believe

Or do whatever I please

Lets see what happens.

To every part of us.

When we go-

Say farewell.

To me,

For now.
This isn't about me-

My family totally excepts my choice on this subject matter.

It's about other people

And other family's

Some just don't understand.

I want to speak for the unfortunate ones.

I was lucky in my case.

I am neutral on this whole subject and don't mean to offend... please don't be angry at me.

I'm really sorry if I was.
JMeh Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I get wut yea man... When i'm about to go to sleep sometimes I just stare at my ceiling wondering... Wow... Look at all the shit in the world...
Y does everyone thing God is a man?
Wut if God was a girl?
I got tired of every body pushing their faith onto me... Like this girl who tells me i shud join her... Gawd I don't even remember...!

aaaahhhhhh ranting... how it makes me feel slightly better
supergal12000 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Exactly... i'm tired of ppl I hardly care about telling me what is right and what is wrong- and what to believe in! They know nothing of me, they have no right to speak. I want to make sure i have a life that's for me, not for anyone else. :heart:
JMeh Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
spoken like a true teen..!
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