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Chapter 3 ^^ Let's begin (hajimemasu!)

Note: 7-Sins-and-7-Virtues will be shortened to 7-sins

I turned to JMeh- realizing we both knew her, she nodded an unspoken understanding to me.

'We must capture her.'

The girl stopped in her tracks and moved her hair to the side to get a good view of us. Instantly- her face became shocked. She uttered a few words:

"Ah... crap."

I held Naruto close to me as both me and JMeh took a step towards her.

Like a flash she picked up her child and started running in the opposite direction.

"Crap crap crap crap CRAP!!!!!"

With like-wise speed we ran after her our bundles close.

Laughing I used my arm to shield Naruto from the dust she kicked up running while squinting my own eyes.

"Ah- still a tornado I see! *hahah-* But Seven-Sins-And-Virtues won't get away easily will she?"

My comrade grinned at me and nodded.

"Hah! She's gotta be MAD if she thinks she can get away!"

We were loud.

We laughed.

Got dirty and ran.

It felt good to laugh like a true kid again.

Power comes in small packages.

On with the story-

She took jumps and turns, trying to throw us off. Passing through small alleyways and streets. But we were gaining on her.

"No use running forever!"

Our bodies led us to the top of the villages buildings, jumping from roof to roof- I thought we had her cornered. There was no escape. But just as I was about to grab her she dropped down.

I ground my feet into the roof my heels breaking through the stone. When I came to a complete stop I looked down the edge of the building.

No where to be found.

She vanished.

Third Person P.O.V  (point of view)

"Gah! hah- hah....* Good, I think I lost them."

Seven-Sins set her child down and took a breather.

Taking a deep breath she took his hand and walked to her front step.

The house was humongous! I used to be a part of the whole family clans home but they moved to a more discreet place.

"Thank kami(god) we're home."

She took her keys out and unlocked the gate.

"Neji, go rinse yourself off- you'll get dust everywhere."

He nodded and ran towards the bathroom imitating an airplane.

"Destiny went ZOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!"

She chuckled rubbing her hand in her hair and smiled.

"Huff... I think I'll go read or something."

Seven-Sins walked past the many rooms and opened the sliding door to the living room.

Normal POV

Plopping down on the couch she sighed in relief. She closed her eyes leaning her head back on the coach.

"At least now I can rela-"

"Hey there, ^___^"

"Seven-Sins you sly minx."

Jmeh's and my hands were on each of her shoulders as we sat closely next to her in the couch.

"Wah- but you! I thought I!!!!!!"

She babbled on as I leaned back and got comfy on the couch.

"Soooooo..... what's for din-din?"

Jmeh yawned and slouched in her spot.

"Yea I'm tired- using up all that chakra to catch you really worked up my appetite."

She glared for a moment still in denial then stood up.

"Ah fine- you guys can stay. *mumbling* 'stupid freeloaders....'"

I blew her a fake kiss and grinned a cheesy smile.

"I knew you cared about me!"

Jmeh gave her the thumbs up (>w<b) and waved at her as she walked out the room to the kitchen.


After a moment I turned to her.

"So how do you know her?"

"Ah... it's such a simple story..."

She had a faraway look in her eyes as she stared out a nearby window.

"I know you know Seven-Sins is from a very powerful and prestigious clan, right?"

I nodded listening intently.

"Well long story short I had to be her body guard for about 3 years, watching her every move and being her companion... it was my clans favor to hers for helping us a while ago."

"Really? But- you aren't older than her, in fact I think she's older!"

Her arms crossed and she closed her eyes bobbing her head in thought.

"Well that's just the thing though- she doesn't trust just anybody, and at the time I was the only girl her age from my clan. Her father was very over-protective of her and one thing led to another and I became her guard. Even though in fact we were only about 6 at the time... I think her dad was trying to tell her something, something like-"

She stopped and looked out the window again.

A cool breeze rolled in.

"I think he was trying to get her used to treating people beneath her like objects, no emotion you know? All that 'I'm better than you' gene went to almost every-ones head in her family. But she wouldn't have that- I became friends with her so quickly that in the passing years we the best of friends... too bad in the end."

Shrugging nonchalantly she leaned back huffing.

"To bad what?"

I leaned in towards her eager to hear more.

"Well I couldn't stay her body guard forever! When she turned nine my mission was over and I had to go back to my own home for personal training. The debt was repaid and that was that."


"Oh... so that's what happened- Seven-Sins told me about you, when we were training that is. Damn that means I just missed you!"

Her eyes blinked and she tilted her head.

"You...just missed me?"

"Oh no no no! I don't mean it like that- but ah~ let me just tell you my journey as well."

"Go on..."

"Well when I turned nine my family sent me off to her clans estate. Being that they all master in healing I too was to train with her own grandmother and wouldn't you know it! She was just beginning to train with her grandma too!"

Jmeh processed things for a moment.

"Is this some kind of tradition in your family to learn from Seven-Sins clan? You and I both know they are very secretive of their family arts."

I was contemplating a good answer.

"Uh- I think it goes like this..."


I was at the river, playing in the water.

Only six at the time and I was swimming down stream.

Simply wading through the water and doggy-paddling for hours then finally floating on my back down-stream.

That was how I spent my free time.

Until the day I call the Great Save.

I sat under the shade of a ginko tree near the water.

Rubbing my limbs tired but satisfied an afternoon nap was in due order.


But just as I just began to close my eyes I heard the sound.


For a couple moments my ears were on high alert-

Only the rushing river water could be heard.

Then I saw a girl floating on her back pass by.

I stared at her turning my head as her body drifted down the way-

"Hey! You better be careful there's a waterfall down there!"

Being so young at the time it took me a couple moments to realize she wasn't floating from swimming- she had fainted!

"Oh no!"

I got up and ran bare foot down the side with all my might.

My feet caught up on brambles and bled from the jagged rocks as I struggled to catch up to her.

"Wa- wake up! Your gonna fall WAKE UP!!!"

I started crying as I kept going trying to yell over the loud noise up ahead.

The drop of the waterfall.

A kind of fear welled up in me like I never knew.

She could die...

She could die!

She could die if I don't-


I jumped in the river.

Gliding down with my arms pulling me faster.

The white wash of noise clouded my hearing and thoughts.

I coughed up water shoved in my nose and wheezed still pushing closer.

Millisecond by millisecond.

I reached out with my hand, praying to anyone to give me luck.-

And grabbed her foot.

~Time Skip~

I sat her under the tree I not an hour ago rested upon.

"Hey...wake up ok?"

I touched her arm worried I was too late.

In panic I slapped her on the back hard.

"Wake up wake up wake UP!"

With the last smack she spewed out water into my face.

"*cough cough* Where am I?"

"Oh thank god!"

I cried in relief and hugged her.

She seemed surprised and sat stock still.

"Uhm... what happened? I was running from my granny and saw a spider caught on my hair and-"

Her face went pale as before.

"I HATE spiders... yucky."

"Spiders? You fainted and fell down! I got you though!"

"Thank you... my names Seven-Sins-and-Seven-Virtues."

I wrinkled my nose making a funny face.

"That's a long name! Call me Air- I'll just call you Seven-Sins for short kay?"

I smiled and stood up.

She smiled back and tried to stand up- but her legs felt were like jello, only holding up for a seond before toppling down.

"Humph- I'm all wobbly like a noodle."

"Heehee... noodle........"

I shrugged and helped her up letting her lean most of her body weight on me.

"Where's your home?"

"Were pretty close I think- let's go."

She guided me to her estate and I gaped at the giant gateways.

Her mother stood on the outside looking frantically left and right.

"Oh thank heavens!!!"

She ran to Seven-Sins and hugged her crying tears of joy.

"I thought my little baby ran away for good!!!"

Seven-Sins just huffed like it was all natural (as if this happened all the time) and motioned to me.

"Mom- she saved me, say hai..."

But before her mother could speak an old women came up from behind me and motioned to strike a blow to my back.

I blocked it skillfully with my hand and stared her hard in the eyes.

"Hum... so you were the girl I saw."

My hand lowered and I turned to my new friend.

"Uh- Seven-Sins... I gotta get home soon- the suns almost sleeping!"

I pointed to the sun behind her like a clock.

What I found out later was that the old woman was her grandmother.

Before I could turn around to leave for home her bony hand grabbed onto my wrist.

"Hey! Lemme go!!!"

I shook my arm and tried to pull away but surprisingly the old bag still had some kick in her!

"Listen closely child- when an adult talks to you, you don't leave unless told to. I have yet ending my thanks with you. I know you saved my granddaughter and I'm thankful."

Being thoroughly freaked out by my hand still immobile from the iron grip I struggled harder.

"If this *ngh* is how *ugh* you want to thank *grr* me- I *gah* don't want it!"

Finally she let go turning her body to me.

"You will begin train with me when your older. That is my gift to you."

She pulled a scroll out of her kimono sleeve and handed it to me.

I was so young I didn't understand the greatness of the gift- all I knew was to pass the gray scroll to my parents.

I turned to leave but stopped when I heard a soft:


Coming from Seven-Sins.

She looked like she was almost crying as she stared at me.

I knew immediately that she must be sad we were parting. I in fact felt sad also- but hid it behind a smile.

"Seven-Sins let's play again next time!!!"

I turned my body as I ran home and waved until I saw them no more.

After giving my father the scroll he simply read it and grinned-

"I am proud."

That was all he said- and life went on for three more years until I was sent to Seven-Sins grandmother again.

And that was how we became close once more.


"So you see- that's what happened. I trained with her grandmother and her for 3 years and went on my way back home when I had mastered some of the key jutsus. Man you won't believe how handy healing is for a baby monkey like me!"

I pointed to my knees that held several cuts and scars I had yet to heal.

"I usually get rid of all the blemishes by the end of the month- it takes a lot out of me so I try to use it only occasionally..."

JMeh looked at my scars and thought.

"Wow... so this is all pretty much a coincidental destiny kind of thing? Us meeting together and all?"

"Hm... now that I think about it- this does kind of feel like fate. How strange!"

There was a comfortable silence through the room as Seven-Sins opened the paper door bringing in onigiri.

"Yum! Food is here!"

I ran to her and took one of them.

"So how did you know I was here and where are the little kids you both had with you guys?"

We all sat down snacking on the food.

JMeh swallowed a bit and elaborated.

"Ah- well you see, I figured you would only be here in Konoha if you were staying at your old lady's place. So we went here as soon as we couldn't find you. Then when we got in we searched for a bathroom and made a bath for the kids. They're in there right now."

Seven-Sins took a bite and chewed it twice before wiping her mouth.

"So you broke in and used my bathroom? Ah- that's so like you two..."

Grabbing my third onigiri I sipped the tea she brought in.

"Heheh... well alls well that ends well- as you and I can see we all adopted kids and now we shall live here with you!"

Choking on her food.

"Wait! I thought you had a place to live and were just gonna crash for the night!"

Eating the third one quickly I put my arm around her shoulder.

"Oh Seven-Sins it's just like old times! Except now we're all together at the same time and we have kids! And plus- we couldn't DARE leave our dear friend ALL ALONE in this big old house!"

She looked at me.

"*sigh* You have some rice still stuck to your face..."

Me and my black haired comrade high fived.

"I call room number 3!" I cried.

"No way that's no fair it's right next to the kitchen!!!" Jmeh wined.

"Heh- exactly that's why I called it! It is mine now and that's that forevah!!!!!!"

".....Damn..." Jmeh frowned. "I should've called it first."

"Too late slow poke I'm victor of Room NUMBER THREE!!!!" I stood on the couch and fist pumped the air.

"Oh but I'm still owner of this house." Seven-Sins replied cheekily.

"Ouuuuuu~ got me there!" I laughed. XD

Good old times... memories... togetherness, all in one area. It felt like I was a real teen again. Wich may seem strange being that I am one but- a ninja is a ninja first, then a teen second you get me? Life wasn't even a quarter as easy going when you were a ninja compared to a normal person.

After all the food was finished while JMeh did the dishes I was sent to go check up on the kids in the bathtub.

I opened the door to find all three splashing around.

"Don play with my bubbles Sa'ke! Is for my beard!"

Naruto was forming a bubble blob on his chin as Neji laughed.

"We're supposed to be taking a bath Naruto! Your getting bubbles eveywear!"

Sasuke yelled at him and threw a hand full of the foam in his face.

"Hey! I wan' join too~!" Neji threw a blob at Sasuke.

Soon it became an all out bubble war.

I chuckled and cleared my throat.

"Uh boys?"

They all stopped in they're tracks (Sasuke obviously embarrassed to be caught in something so childish)

"Mommy! I'm all squeeky clean now!"

My blonde bundle jumped out the big tub and tackled me to the ground.


I fell back as he hugged me getting my clothes damp from the soap still exsisting on him.

"Naru! You all have to rinse off after you get soapy! It's no good otherwise!"

His eyes widened and he ran back in the water with the other two.

"Ok- how do you turn on water again?"

I walked over and pulled the drain plug letting the water go down the drain. Once it was all one I turned on the water changing it to warm and handed them each plastic buckets.

"This is a tough job guys... Only BIG BOYS can do this right. Now- you fill the water up under the faucet like this, and pour it over yourself to wash away all the bubbles. Can you do that for me kiddies?"

It was so cute how they nodded with a serious expression on.

I stood up from my crouching position and went to the doorway.

"I'll be back to go get the towels, take your time and don't get water anywhere outside the tub ok?"

"Ok!" Neji said.

The rest nodded and began they're mission as I went to the kitchen where my two friends were.

"They almost done?" Seven-Sins asked drying off the plate we used.

"Yeah, hey where to you keep the towels?"

She thought for a moment not bothering to turn around from the sink and pointed to the hallway on my left.

"Sixth door on the right is just a closet- there's towels in there I believe."

"Oh ok, where'd JMeh go?"

She set the last dish down and finally turned to me.

"She said someone was knocking on the door so I told her to go get it."

Just as she finished her sentence JMeh ran in holding a piece of paper on it.

"Hey guys guess what?!"

Immediately interested we both turned to her and asked:

"What is it?"

She slammed the paper on the table and pointed to our names.

"We were all enrolled to Konoha Ninja Academy!"

End of Ch. 3


Thank god I finished this! Hope you liked! ^^
So here's Chapter 3 done and ready for loving!

Konoha Academy you say-

Next Chapter:

I shall reveal everyone's super secret ninja moves! And will the kids get along? Find out next time in;

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