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This story is about You! Yes- You, in Ouran trying to get by! Love will be around the corner and jealousy is rising up! Who would YOU fall for? In OURAN HIGH-SCHOOL HOST CLUB~!<3


You rolled out of bed onto the floor.

"_____ today is the day you're going to Ouran High School Academy. Shall we ready you for your travel?" two identical voices asked promptly.

You blinked twice staring up at the faces before you, eyes still half closed with sleep.

"Wh-Whaa..." you yawned staring up at the unfamiliarity of them both before immediately scooting back.

"Who the hell are you?!" you frowned pointing to the perpetrators. Excuse your "French" but there were freaking strangers in your house!

The two twin maids smiled stepping closer with a dark shadow over their faces.

"Wait- don't touch me! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

And it was all a black blur from there.


"Nnnh... wh-what?" you blinked your eyes feeling your body move with the vehicle.

"Wait- crap I got kidnapped." you sat up clutching your head as a familiar pain ached through it.

"Ow...." you grit your teeth opening one eye to look out the tinted window.

Lavish planters passed by into view as you placed your face against the window pane smooshing it into the coolness to gape at what you saw.

An academy, no- a castle was staring back at you.

"Where...." you trailed off staring up at the regal buildings passing by casually and the clock tower clanging to signal 3pm.

"Madame- we have arrived at the destination." you jerked your head to the sound and finally noticed the old chauffeur that had been driving the car.

"Madame?" you tilted your head as he got out opening the car door.

You- still leaning your body and hands on that door window tipped slowly over before falling like lead.

"Ah-!" you expected to see the fast approaching ground as you braced your hands forward to catch yourself, but... a BODY had stopped them from ever touching the cement.

"Dear princess are you alright?" a velvety voice lofted into your ears as you found yourself righted back to a sitting position in the car seat facing out.

He was a sparkling blonde with lavender eyes- holding your hand like a knight does to a queen.

You blinked.

"Oh- thanks!" you smiled nervously tugging your hand away to place it in your lap.

"It was nothing my dearest- a true gentleman would never let a flower such as yourself fall..." he was practically suffocating you in roses he was so vivid.

You found yourself closing your mouth and blushing a tiny bit.

The chauffeur stepped in.

"If you do not MIND Monsieur Suoh- this lady must be to her dorm room by 3:20 exactly." he held out his gloved hand you taking it softly stepping out the limo.

"My... dorm?" you frowned.

"Geez this ground is c-" you looked down seeing your bare feet tip-toeing on the concrete.

"I'm still in my PAJAMAS?!!!" you yelled embarrassed of your attire.

'What the freak! I'm only in a big shirt and underwear!' you growled humiliatingly tugging down the shirt.

Then you recalled the blonde... who had been KNEELING for you earlier.

Said blonde realized your attire himself and was standing there blushing.

"Ah...a-a- lady sh-should not be wearing this sort of clothes in- in pub-"

"You pervert." you growled sending him a death glare.

And with that you held the chauffeurs gloved hand more tightly letting him lead you down the pathway into the giant palace-like school.

It wasn't that you weren't still UTTERLY confused of this whole situation- more that you just wanted to get out of him having probably seen your underwear.

"B-But! I SWEAR I WOULD NEVER!" you heard the blonde call from behind the doors just as they shut.

The situation got worse.

Rich kids passed by wearing uniforms and staring at you like you were a ghost.

Even a few beastly men cat-called as you walked up several stairs to while you whimpered in your throat constantly tugging at the back of your night-shirt.

'Why couldn't I have worn sweats? Why couldn't it have been a COLD night last night? TTwTT' you whined in your head.

"Here... we are Miss ______." the now escort chauffeur said motioning to two big double doors.

You nodded just wanting to get out of others vision bursting into the room quickly shutting the doors in his face.

"GOD! THAT WAS FREAKING EMBARRASSING!" you flushed covering your red face as you sunk to the ground.

"What was~?" two almost identical male voices teased in unison.

Your face looked up eyes wide open as two clones walked over to you grinning.

"Hey Hikaru- do you think she knows anything yet?" one twin asked the other still grinning.

"I doubt that Kaoru~ just look at the poor peasant girl." he said casually chuckling as they walked closer.

You of coarse listened to the two frowning at the peasant comment.

"I'm not poor you jerks. And just who are you? Why the hell do I keep seeing people that I don't even know!" you threw your hands up yelling out annoyed.

"Heheh... see that Hikaru? She's got a bite to her- just like the maids described~." one twin said almost enjoyably.

"Don't talk about me like you know me." you said mostly to yourself.

You didn't like these two twins- smirking down at you like they were judging you, they both wore the same school uniform you saw passing by the halls.

Stupid rich kids...

Both raised opposite eyebrows stepping on either side of you again with their voices in unison.

"We've known you for a long time _____~." they smiled leaning their faces in.

You gawked sliding down so your faces could gain some distance.

"That's... creepy." you pursed your lips rubbing your eyes before a long sigh left your lips.

"Oh well... just tell me why I'm here- I just got drugged and kidnapped and I just want to know when I'm going home..." you sighed pushing their legs away as you stood up tugging at your shirt habitually. You walked to the giant window overlooking the school and watched as the limo parked all the way down was driving away.

"You're gonna stay here until high-school is over." one explained sitting down on the plush bed.

"What?" your voice deadpanned.

"Yeah it's a pretty cool story you know? I mean of COURSE you know the Great designer of the Hitachin right?" one brother spoke cockily.

"Never heard of it."

They both stared at you as if your were insane quickly closing their fish mouths.

"Well ANYWAYS. The designer is our mom. And it just so happened~ that YOUR mom helped her start her business when they were young!"

You couldn't tell which twin said that but nodded none the less still staring out the window.

"AND! Our mom promised YOUR mom that she'd return the favor when she could pay back the money." the other twin spoke.

"So.... how does that connect to my kidnapping? If your moms so rich why doesn't she just PAY back my mom?" you asked awaiting the true answer.

"Well~ it's a BIT more complicated than that, you see- our mom is a little eccentric and promised something that ISN'T quite money..."

"And since your mom was pregnant with YOU at the time and our mom was pregnant with US at the time...." the other twin trailed off.

You blinked slowly turning to them.

"How... how else could she pay my mom back....? It's not..."

They were both sitting on your bed now and grinned throwing up their hands.

"That's right! ARRANGED MARRIAGE~!!!" they both called out happily.

"WHAT?!!!!!!!" you now screamed eyes about to pop out your head.

"I'M NOT MARRYING EITHER OF YOU!!!!!" you stabbed a finger at them blushing crimson.

"Calm down calm down. We told her neither of us would go through with it. So in the end our mom wanted to give your mom a thank you by paying your way into this school. Don't worry you don't have to thank u-!"

You tackled the one talking straddling his waist as you gripped his collar tightly.

"You listen to me right now you creepy rich jerk- I don't even KNOW where this is- so you better tell me the truth before I headbutt your skull in half." you growled staring into his eyes.

Yeah- you weren't USUALLY this violent of coarse, but when you get kidnapped and walk around a random rich school in your underwear for a day- things get messy.

"Ah-..." he stared up into your eyes before blushing at the close proximity.

"W-Wait! Your mom sent a note see?!" the other twin desperately took out a piece of paper from his pants pocket no doubt in your moms hand-writing. You gasped snatching out of his hands.

It read:

'_____! I got you into a wonderful school- Now do well and keep up good grades while your there alright? A school like this under your belt will do MIRACLES for your life after this. You'll thank me later, love

You frowned at the letter in your hand lowering it from your face as you just stared at the paper- not reading the letters.

"Uhm... yeah so about you being on top of me?" the male under you coughed still blushing lightly.

"Oh...." you slid off him sideways staring forward at the headboard of the bed blankly.

"It all... all makes sense I guess..." your voice was quiet and breathy.

"I didn't even... get to say goodbye either..." you stared down at your hands now folded in your lap. The two guests behind you noticed the solemn mood immediately springing into action.

"Aw come on- don't be so sad! Ouran is the best school money could offer! And it's got the best education too! There's even clubs you could join after school!" the more sensible twin (Kaoru) patted your shoulder encouragingly.

You clenched the letter in your hands a little tighter.

"Everyone... saw me in my underwear...." you blushed whimpering.

"Heh- well yeah I mean they were bright blu-" Hikaru was promptly elbowed in the gut.

"How am I supposed to face ANYONE tomorrow?! Let alone go to school for the rest of high-school!" you called to the skies pitifully.

"I'm... I'm sure they've all forgotten about it by now?" the crumpled twin muttered still hugging his torso.

"Y-yeah! And in any case- you can always hang out with us during school! My names Kaoru by the way." he smiled hoping you'd answer.

You breathed deeply trying to make the best of things.

"And I'm Hikaru." the other offered a hand.

You looked at them for a moment before shaking both.

"You already know my name so I guess I'll just say it's okay meeting you two." you smiled tiredly looking to the both.

"Ah- we're gonna be late for club!" one looked at the clock hurriedly.

"Crap your right! Boss is gonna kill us!" they leaped off the bed running to the door.

"We'll catch ya later okay _____? There should be some clothes in the wardrobe over there! Compliments of our mom!" Kaoru called as he opened the door.

"See ya ____!" they both called as they ran out the door shutting it promptly.

You stared at the door a little longer before sighing deep setting the letter aside.

The room really was a nice one.

Nice cream colored walls with dark blue velvet curtains and mahogany furniture to match.

Tired of sitting you decided to change out of your clothes hopping off the bed walking over to what seemed to be your closet.

Nothing but either high-fashion clothes or frilly dresses.

"Man... none of this looks comfortable..." you pursed your lips as you reluctantly picked out a simple blue dress that stopped at your knees. It had shirt sleeves and a nice waist-line around it hugging your curves nicely.

"Mmh. At least it's comfortable...and it's better than just a shirt." you looked at yourself in the mirror slipping on some blue sandals you saw on a shelf near the floor.

You walked out the small room-like space feeling slightly better now that you understood everything.

"Huh.... who woulda thought mom's friend was gonna be a famous designer..." you mumbled closing the closet door.

The birds chirped outside and you noticed no TV or other entertainment in your room to keep you busy and plopped down on the bed.

But sleep wouldn't over take you-

Believe me- you'd done enough of that while you were unconscious.

So your mind wandered off into space and the silence save for the sounds outside filled the room.




"I'm bored." you mumbled out loud staring up at the ceiling.

Thus ceiling replied with nothing as the cream walls stared back at you.

"Maybe I should go find Kaoru and Hikaru... to ask them to take me around school that is..." you deducted sitting up.

The large room doors loomed back at you- reminding you of it's huger hallways and entrances and stair-cases you passed by as you were led to it.

You gulped.

"Might as well." you pushed your butt off the bed grabbing the golden handle of the door peeking out curiously.

Only a small handful of other students were out roaming around the halls.

Taking a deep breath you stepped outside shutting the door quietly behind you.

No one seemed to notice...

'So far so good...' you encouraged yourself on.

The thought of being stuck in that room for almost 10 more hours until school the next day spurred you down the hallway down the flight of stairs you went up not minutes ago.

"Just where are they... ah... I probably should've asked for the room number..." you frowned at your lack of thought and stared down the empty halls.

They seemed endless.

Only closed doors were on your left and right- signs signaling what they were.

"Hum..." you were overwhelmed by the sheer size of where you were walking almost feeling like Alice trapped in wonderland it was so unfamiliar.

"I passed by like- 4 libraries..." you muttered walking down the hall.

A couple boys snickered behind you mumbling amongst themselves.

"Hey... I think that's the new chick that showed off her panties earlier!" he whispered perversely.

"Heh- it is~ man what a babe." the other smirked slimily as both of them trailed behind you.

You frowned trying to ignore their comments as your cheeks flushed again as your eyebrows furrowed.

'Stay calm ____, no use in starting a fight on your first day here... there just rich little mammas boys...' you tried to reason with yourself walking a little faster.

'They'd never do anyth-'

Suddenly a hand pulled you back shoving you onto a nearby wall.

"Ah!" you cringed in pain as you stared up at your perpetrator.

"Hey commoner girl wanna know how rich guys like to have fun?" he asked grinning as he held your arms up by your wrists.

The other one smirked watching on the sides.

"I bet she does- hey, why don't we go find somewhere alone we can all be eh?" his voice spoke smooth like silk as his eyes scanned your body.

"Get off me!" you growled shoving your body onto his to try and push him off.

"Would you look at that? This peasant girls got some courage- well let me show you what people with power do with tiny peons like you..." he leaned forward mouth coming dangerously close to yours as you shut your mouth turning your face away pressing your body into the surface behind you trying to squirm away.

"Fuck youuuuah!" your body slid back as the sound of something opening filled your ears and you swore you smelt roses for a split second.

Your bottom connected with the hard tiled floors and you winced eyes shut as you instantly rubbed said bottom.

"Ahh...." you hissed feeling the sting tingle up your spine.

"Ah shit this is the Host club!" on of the students whispered.

"Lets get out of here!"

And before you could even open your eyes they had scrammed with nothing but a cloud of dust to keep as remembrance.

"My butt..." you groaned still focused on your practically broken butt-bone and the silence behind you finally caught your attention as you turned your head over your shoulder.

"Sorry about falling in here like th-" six men all handsomely surprised stared back at you.

"______?!" the two familiar twins ran forward helping you up.

"What was that? Are you okay?!" Kaoru asked helping brush off your dress.

"Yeah- what was all that for, we heard some voices on the other side of the door and here you come falling in!" Hikaru explained brushing off your back.

"Ugh... your school... is full of perverts." you still groaned rubbing both hands on your lower back.

"I just wanted to come see you two since I was just sitting in my room doing nothing for a long time- ah... so I changed into this and almost get kidnapped AGAIN and gang raped outside your door and- nnh- god that's gonna hurt tomorrow." =-= you winced.

"Well next time let us take you around the school- we were gonna WAIT WHAT?!" Hikaru yelled.

"Well I was slammed onto your door and that guy almost-"

"GANG RAPE?!" a third voice interjected.

Of coarse it was the blonde "king". He realized it was you when you fell through the door and was hoping to redeem himself by coming to your aid.

All three of you looked up facing the voice's origin.

"My dear princess I shall not REST until those HOOLIGANS are put to j-"

"You're that pervert from before!" you exclaimed pointing an accusing finger to him whilst blushing.

"Ah! N-No! I swear I wasn't looking when I-!"

"UUUUUUU!!! Boss is a dirty pervert!" the twins interjected.

"NOUUUUUU!!!" the blonde wailed crying into an emo corner.

"Well... he's weird." you stared at his quick transformation from gallant to depressed in a matter of seconds.

"I-I'm... NOT a pervert... I swear..." he cried pouting in a corner.

The twins rolled their eyes turning back to you.

"Well in any case you should meet everyone else." Kaoru led you forward motioning to the other members of the host club.

"Guys- this is _____ she's the girl we told you about."

"Yeah- the one who's mom helped our mom start the designing business?" the other added.

"Yes. ______, ______. I am quite familiar with her." one male spoke adjusting his glasses up his nose. He looked to be a studious type- but the look in his eyes made you shiver.

"That guys Kyouya- he takes care of all the clubs finances and things." Kaoru explained.

You nodded bowing your head in courtesy to him- in which he grinned almost forcefully.

"And I'm Mitskuni Honinozuka! But you can just call me Honey for short~" a cute little blonde stepped up swinging a pink bunny around.

"Heheh~ and this big guy here is Takashi!" the tiny boy crawled up the other like a koala to a tree sitting on his shoulders.

"Un." the man replied deeply.

You looked at all of them smiling politely.

"It's nice to meet you all." you felt strange- but in the dress you were in something in you forced yourself to curtsy in the midst of all those rich people.

"OH HOW CUTE~~~~~!!!!" the blonde from before ran over hugging you in a vice grip.

"EEp!" you took in your last breath of air as you spun around in the hug.

"Boss stop killing ____!"

"Yeah you really are a pervert!"

"What?! I am no such thing you two hooligans! It's just really cute seeing a commoner like her curtsy like that- like a village princess or something!" he defended himself.

You frowned again at the poor reference.

"I'm not your stage monkey you pervert." you frowned.

"Ah!!!!!!" the blonde staggered back as if shot by an arrow and fell to the ground again.

"Hahah! And that guy there is Tamaki- he's the president and founder of this club, but he's a big ol pervert so stay away from him ______-chan~" Hikaru hugged you by the neck teasingly leaning into you.

You stared at the emo prince rolling around on the floor in tears and cracked a smile.

"He's like.... a puppy." you giggled softly watching him continue to wallow not knowing he heard you.

The black haired boy from before looked up from his black notebook raising his eyebrow at your comment.

"Oh _____, you can't be implying that Tamaki is CUTE can you?" Kaoru teased pulling his arm around your shoulder like his brother.

You blushed realizing your words and stuttered.

"N-No! I meant it like he's all emotional and perky like a puppy!" you blushed trying to take back your words.

"Hey no fair! I want _____ to blush for me too!" Hikaru called out childishly.

By now the king's ears had perked up at the puppy comment and he was listening intently back still turned and body still in a crouch.

The twins knew this and shared a devious look with each other as they leaned in.

"Hey _____~ will you blush for us~?" they both leaned in about to kiss either side of your cheeks before you were snatched away.

"NEVER! This poor princess shall NOT be tainted by your dirty lips! Or be around you two for that matter- I plan to protect her FULLY against you two heathens!" the blonde held you by his side pointing at the two little devils.

They growled annoyed their game didn't work.

"Who you callin dirty?!"

"For your information boss we've already been to her ROOM, and we plan to visit her EVERY NIGHT after club just to make sure she's okay!" Hikaru boasted smirking.

"Your gonna wh-?!" you were cut off.

"What?! This is impossible! How could you two know about where she lives?! She's a COMMONER!" he yelled confused while shaking his fist.

"That's right boss~ and we have all our classes with her too!" Kaoru smiled triumphantly.

Both twins stepped forward grabbing your hand pulling you towards their chests.

"What's going o- woah!"

"So technically- there's NOTHING you can do! Ha-ha!" both twins teased sticking their tongues out bottom eye-lids pulled.

"Now wait a min-!"

"UNACCEPTABLE! I won't allow this poor girl to be stuck with YOU TWO after school alone! From now on! She's going to stay HERE in the host club room until she has to go home!" Tamaki pronounced loudly.

"That won't do." Kyouya flat-panned.

"B-But! Mommy why noooo~t!" the blonde whined tugging on the raven's shoulder.

"Well firstly-" he adjusted his glasses again. "Ouran host club is only for MALE hosts. Secondly- the other girls would most likely get jealous of a permanent female staying with us. And thirdly- she would make no profit or benefit this club in any way." he stated obviously.

You were offended.

How DARE he call you useless in front of everyone.

"Well EXCUSE ME I don't have a ****! I bet you I can make this club TRIPLE what your making now!" you stepped forward angrily.

"Wh-?" Tamaki was about to ask promptly before a calculating hand was thrust into his face to shush him.

"Hm... interesting... so your agreeing to become a host then?" he asked smiling lightly.

"What... wait- what are you implying?" you tilted your head all anger lost from your voice.

"I'm merely STATING that the only way you can make TRIPLE the amount of profit we make is if you become Ourans FIRST female host around here. Which... I DOUBT you'll be doing therefore my statement of your usefulness is val-"

"I'll do it." you stared into his eyes.

"_-____! You can't become a girl host!" Kaoru called out

"What if guys like just now request you!" Hikaru angrily waved his finger at the doorway.

"No way! It's impossible for a lady such as yourself to-!"

"I'll do it." you nodded your hand covering his mouth.

"If I'm right hosting isn't REALLY doing anything intimate right? You pretty much PRETEND you enjoy spending time with someone and they pay you for it right?" you asked the dark king.

He scribbled something down in his notebook looking up at you through the glare in his glasses.

"Well... essentially yes- but-"

"I NEVER PRETEND when I'm with ladies! It comes from the PURITY of my heart that I spend time with the-!"

"Quiet panty pervert." you put your finger to his lips to shush him and he froze up like stone at your words. You turned back to Kyouya.

"If I can make triple the amount the host club club makes in a week after a week of being a hostess can I stay in here after it all?" you asked him seriously.

He looked at your bold stance and scribble more onto his notebook.

"Yes. You may."

And with that it was decided.

"Then guys! I'm gonna be the first Ouran HOSTESS!" you turned to the twins determined.


So guys~ what'd you think of the first chappie? ^-^ It took a while but it was fun to write! I might come up with ch2 tomorrow cuz I'm having so much fun! 3am here guys! Night!
:star: An Ouran Request story~ enjoy!

Oh my! Look at you and your determined ways! Now you gotta be a hostess for a week gaining TRIPLE the host club makes in a week! *w* I wish you luck~

Leave a comment if you like it! Enjoy!

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